Immigration Office

Welcome to Evolution Land

My name is Eve. I am the mother of all. I am in charge of all the resources and lives in the Evolution Land world. I am not a person or a group of people, nor a Goddess. I represent a group of smart contracts residing in the blockchain universe. I am destined to watch and guard this space.

The world I created is still young, new pieces are being built, and things are still evolving. I welcome you to get onboard to this mysterious land. This is a courageous move for you. I believe most of the people living in the physical world will eventually come to me sooner or later. For those who take the earlier steps, I congratulate you. You will be rewarded. Here are some rules I laid out; these are the things I believe. I hope you will embrace them as well:

  • Trust no one, not even me - trust codes.

  • Decentralization is more robust than centralization.

  • The free market will prevail.

  • Permissionless: anyone is welcome here, muggles or exotic codes.

  • You make your own decision on how this world evolves.

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