The Dawning has arrived!

The fourth continent on Evolution Land

Dawning is the name of the fourth Evolution Land Continent based on the HECO Chain, and will be officially launched on June 9!

Evolution Land will take advantage of Heco’s high throughput, low gas fees, and seamless compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts to create the first ever blockchain game on Heco! it will be home to all the latest gameplays such as the GameFi Furnace, Gold Rush, and Farm!

About Heco

Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) is a decentralized, high-throughput, and energy-efficient public chain, and is the first product launched on the Huobi Open Platform. HECO chain is fully compatible with smart contracts and supports high-performance transactions. The Heco network native token is HT and the chain uses the HPoS consensus mechanism. Heco has continued to improve on the efficiency of Ethereum via Layer 2, which will supplement and empower the Ethereum ecosystem.

Advantages of Heco

  • An open and decentralized network that maintains the security of the network and assets.

  • Supports EVM programmability and is fully compatible with smart contracts which reduces development and migration costs.

  • Meta-transaction function: effectively reduces gas costs for developers and users on the chain.

  • Support cross-chain asset transfer to optimize user experience.

Trading Reward Pool Adjustment

In the early days of the Dawning Continent, prior to the launch of the KTON sharing and Governance modules, we will transfer the regular dividends from this module to the lottery pool, therefore, the revenue in the lottery pool will be adjusted to 40% of the game revenue.


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