1. Pray Introduction

There are five lovely elves living on the Evolution Land, they are in charge of the five resources of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. It says among the aboriginal people of Evolution Land that good things will happen after praying to them.

2. Detail

These five elves can be found in Events → Pray in the portal.evolution.land .

They represent gold, wood, water, fire, and earth spirits in turn. We will put 5 resource-rich lands and 250 Gen-0 apostles into their contracts, which is currently the only sales channel for resource-rich lands other than reward distribution.

Players can spend resources to pray to them. There are 2 types of prayers to choose from, corresponding to different winning rate.

When the resource-rich lands in the five elves’ contracts are all acquired by the players, the list of the resource-rich land will be reset, and a new round of Pray will be started.

Players can wait for the notice after the draw to confirm your rewards.

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