In Evolution Land, KTON is used as a governance token. Players can voluntarily lock their KTON into a governance contract (minimum 14 days lock time) to receive voting power. These voting power can vote for governance proposals within the continent to affect the evolution of the game. In return, these "governor" players will have the right to receive game revenue dividends (30% of all revenue), proportionally to their stake percentage of all locked KTONs.

In the game, some high-value Lands, high-rank buildings, and props are priced in KTON.

Background of KTON

KTON is introduced on the Darwinia Network. It's a commitment token, a symbol of tokenized commitment, from the Darwinia Network's advanced staking system. It encourages RING holders to lock RING for a longer time in exchange for KTON, which can be used in the staking system. Staking rewards are split into two equal pools for RING and KTON stakers. Check out this medium article to find out more about the design rationale of KTON.

Due to KTON holders' nature being the long-term investors or those who would pay a premium to obtain this commitment, this demographic is suitable to be candidates of Evolution Land governance participants.

  • Ethereum (the Atlantis Continent)

    • Spec: ERC20

    • Precision: 18

    • Smart Contract Address (Ethereum): 0x9f284e1337a815fe77d2ff4ae46544645b20c5ff

  • Tron (the Byzantine Continent)

    • Spec: TRC20

    • Precision: 18

    • Smart Contract Address (Tron): TW3kTpVtYYQ5Ka1awZvLb9Yy6ZTDEC93dC

  • Darwinia Mainnet

    • Spec: Native

    • Precision: 9

    • Smart Contract Address: n/a

  • Polygon (the Eden Continent)

    • Spec: ERC20

    • Precision: 18

    • Smart Contract Address (Polygon): 0xE21b9bDA4ECeF9e4652BC5C6863F731C2151Ef28

How to get KTON?

You can get KTON through these channels:

Darwinia Network

You can go to Darwinia Network and lock your RING to mint KTON if you have RING already.


DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange. You can use your cryptocurrency wallet to buy or sell directly.

On Atlantis Continent (Ethereum):

On the Byzantine Continent (Tron):


CEX stands for Centralized Exchange. You can also buy or sell RING at many CEX. The following list shows a few. You can check out coinmarketcap for more information.

What's KTON Dividend?

30% of system revenue ( RING ) is paid in proportion to all KTON holders who participated in governance as a reward for long-term holders and governor. The RING obtained from KTON Dividend will be distributed in real-time, and records can be viewed in the "Channel records."

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