There are five primary resources on Evolution Land: GOLD, WOOD, HHO, FIRE, and SIOO. These resources are deep under the Lands. Each Land has random resource reservers that decay at a rate of 1/10,000 daily as time goes by.

Resource reserves follow the continent terrain layout. That is, Lands close to X terrain will have better odds to have rich Y:

  • Mine: GOLD

  • Forest: WOOD

  • River: HHO

  • Volcano: FIRE

  • Mountain: SIOO

Resource Attenuation Rate

Resources will be released using a model of attenuation supply with random factors. Resource release will be determined by the Land's attributes (the five resources' release rate) and the player's mining indicators. The initial maximum rate of resource generation at the Land's birth is the full resources you can mine daily. This rate decays by 1/10,000 every day.

If the collecting rate or mining power is less than the current release rate of the resource from the Land, the un-mined resources will vanish, never be mined. It's like being burned on the other perspective.

Check out a detailed explanation about Resource Attenuation Rate.


You can mine resources by deploying the Apostles or mining Equipment such as DRILLs to the land. The mining productivity depends on the number and quality of the Apostles and/or Equipment.


The five primary resources are the fundamental elements for building complex substance in Evolution Land. Buildings, Equipment, and other props will require resources or sometimes resource LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens to make or mint.

When breeding a new Apostle, you have the chance to add/feed resource to the baby so that it might have resource specialty when born. When Apostles have resource specialty, they have extra power when dealing with specific resources, such as mining that type of resource or waving weapons mint with that type of resource.

These five resources are also five tokens. Building a house or props will consume one or several kinds of these five resources.


Check out resource token specifications.

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