Get Started

How do I get started to play?

Blockchain game is quite different from traditional games we are familiar with. You need to complete the following entry tasks to prove you are ready to explore this new adventurous world.

  1. Get a cryptocurrency wallet. You need it to help you manage your keys, assets, and help you sign transactions.

  2. Backup your wallet. All your assets stay in your wallet. While you have the true ownership, you are also responsible to make it secure. We have no way to access or recover your lost assets.

  3. Fund your wallet with some ETH or TRON to pay for on-chain transaction fees. You can acquire these cryptocurrencies via major exchanges, such as,

  4. Start exploring by visiting in your wallet's browser.

The following topics will help you understand the game better to be good at the game and maybe make some profit.

  1. Game Entities: Learn about the in-game entities and objects as well as game players around them.

  2. Ways to Play: To be a happy miner, smart trader, or collector, the choice is all yours.

  3. Token Economy: The game is a simulation of the free-market economy, you work, invest, and trade. Understand the rules and economic settings will help you do better.

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