How to buy RING

You can buy or sell RING through these channels:

  • In-game Grintgott Bank

  • Decentralized Exchange

  • Centralized Exchange

Gringott Bank

You can exchange RING and Matic through QuickSwap in Gringott Bank. The current price of RING is determined by the latest transaction price of QuickSwap and the amount of the player's order. RING's exchange will cost Matic as gas fee, and Evolution Land will not charge an additional gas fee.


DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange. You can use your cryptocurrency wallet to buy or sell directly.

On Atlantis Continent (Ethereum):

On the Byzantine Continent (Tron):

On the Dawning Continent (Heco):

On the Eden Continent (Polygon):


CEX stands for Centralized Exchange. You can also buy or sell RING at many CEX. The following list shows a few. You can check out Coinmarketcap for more information.

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