Why is [transaction failed]?

There may be a "transaction fail" when participating in a land auction. There're many possible reasons:

  • You may provide less gas limit that the transaction requires to complete. You should not tune down the gas limit estimated by your wallet or tune up a little bit to be sure.

  • The asset you are trying to purchase is not for sale (sell pulled it off, someone else bought it, or placed a bid result your bid amount unqualified) when your transaction is processed, hence failed.

  • Or it could be some un-discovered bug, let us know

My transaction is failed, but fee is still charged, why?

When your transaction is process on the blockchain, you need to pay for the gas. Even the transaction is failed, it still requires computation. The gas fee is charged by the miners on the blockchain, not by Evolution Land game.

Why stopped at [waiting for confirmation]?

There may be a "waiting for confirmation" when participating in the Land's auction/claim. The reason may be that the Gas fee you provide is low, and the transaction is waiting for miners to process. The player can choose to wait, increase the gas price, or cancel the transaction according to the transaction status at this time.

Why am I missing lottery points when I bought bid land?

Because of the unstable event monitoring service, sometimes the page will not be displayed in time even if the lottery points are successfully acquired.

We recommend you to enter the lottery page to check your points, where shows you the latest accurate ones.

Apostle enhancement resource paid, but child born not enhanced? What are the chances for eath tier?

Enhancement is random, based on probability.

Pay 5 elements: 50%-lv1, 50%-0

Pay 10 elements: 50%-lv1, 50%-lv2

Pay 15 elements: 25%-lv1, 50%-lv2, 25%-lv3

Genetic probability of next generation attributes:40% genetic mother, 40% genetic father, 10% both are inherited, 10% are not inherited.

What's "History" and "Channel records"?

"History" records the transaction on chain which happened on the Evolution Land, including Bancor trading, lottery, auction bid/claim/sell of the land and etc,.

"Channel records" records the transaction directly assigned to the player by the system which is not on chain, mainly including KTON division, airdrop, reward and etc. The RING in the record is stored in the “unclaimed”, and the players can claim them to use.

What is the use of the mined elements?

Similar to the real world, all economic activities, production and construction are centered around resources. Props, architectures, and researches require different types of element resources. For now, you can add element preferences (in consumption of resources) to the new apostles to increase the efficiency of the apostle's mining of such elements.


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