The story takes place someday in the future. Scientists predict that the Earth will be hit by a meteorite again, which will destroy everything on the Earth.

All countries have united and successfully cultivated the first genuinely self-aware intelligent body named AHS (Artificial Homo sapiens) called Eve, which was used as the LAND (Earth) space station to continue human civilization. The administrator is responsible for all operations of the space station when the astronauts are dormant.

In addition to the 18 astronauts, the LAND space station also carries the DNA of all life forms on the Earth, sailing toward the depths of the universe, just to continue living, which is the last hope of life on Earth.

After losing contact with the Earth, and after 18 astronauts passed away one by one, the scarred LAND finally explored a magical galaxy many years later. Many stars in the galaxy fit the Apostles TA (The Apostles). Environmental planet.

When the LAND was about to descend into a low-Earth orbit named Gaia 1 (Gaia 1), some systems failed and caused fires. The LAND can no longer maintain its regular route. At the last minute, Eve launched all the evolution capsules.

The player is a piece of human consciousness that Eve copied into the evolution capsule; these consciousnesses come from the 18 astronauts before they died, saving their thoughts in a digital form, and creating a chemical reaction with Eve. The fusion effect has derived various personalities.

The player will be responsible for managing the evolution capsule, cultivating new human apostles born from the synthetic womb, and continuing human civilization.

The Apostle is the carrier of the player’s consciousness. They perform various activities, such as production and battle. A player can own and control multiple apostles.

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