The Apostle is an essential game character in Evolution Land, and they act as the player's agent to perform various tasks.

Due to the different appearances, talents, and other characteristics of the apostles, two leading gameplays can be differentiated and introduced:

Play Types


Its genetic code determines every Apostle's appearance. Each gene fragment is responsible for a different trait of an Apostle, and together they combine to make each unique Apostle. Between the many categories, there are billions of possible combinations.

Some traits are regular/base; some are hidden, while some will only appear after several generations of genetic mutations. This results in various rarity distribution. Apostles who have rare and noble genes and useful talents are even more infrequent, and they all support the apostle as a collectible game.


The Apostles perform various work. Their genome decides its capabilities and productivities for each type of job or occupation. Cultivating and selecting the most suitable Apostles are not just fun. It gives you a better reward financially and might help you win a battle.

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