Cryptocurrency Wallet?

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

‌A digital wallet is used to manage and store your private key, with all the crypto assets you have stored in your wallet address. You may sign the transaction with a private key and perform operations such as transfer.

‌You need a digital wallet to get started with Evolution Land. Currently, we support the following wallets:‌‌

  • Browser plug-ins: Metamask, Tronlink

  • Mobile wallet: imToken, math wallet, and Cobo, etc

You need to transfer ETH or TRX into your wallet to pay for the on-chain transaction fee.

Please note: The crypto wallet is equivalent to a bank account, which requires your great cautiousness. Please be sure to remember your password and mnemonic words.

What are the mnemonic words?

‌Some crypto wallet uses mnemonic words instead of regular passwords. If your account has been deleted, you can recover your account with mnemonic words. This also means that anyone with your mnemonic words can access and steal your assets. Be sure to save your mnemonic words and don't share them with others.

Can we modify your crypto wallet password?

‌No, we can't. Crypto wallet is a standalone piece of software, and we do not have any control over it. Although this means we can't help you reset your password, it also means that we will never transfer assets from your wallet. Your game assets are stored in your wallet, but not in our database, and your wallet belongs to you. Please note that this is the most significant difference between blockchain games and traditional centralized games.

‌What is a "wallet address"?

Your public wallet address is a unique identifier for your wallet. It is the same as the name. You can share it with others who can use it to transfer assets to your wallet.

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