Evolution Land is one of the planets in the universe, with a radius of 5,279.58 m and an equator of 36,000 m. The climatic conditions are similar to those of the Earth. There will be rivers, land, mountain valleys, plains, and all kinds of other various landforms on the planet.

Abbreviated sketches and summaries of maps: The planet contains a total of 26 continents, of which 24 contain 2025 (that is, 45x45) lands, and two special large continents contain 7921 (22x360). + 1) Lands, each land is 100 m x 100 m. Lands with plane coordinates of (x, y) can correspond to latitude and longitude (except latitude x, longitude y, north and south poles, no flat surface coordinates).

The total number of lands is 360 × (135 + 44) + 2 = 64442 if all 26 continents are deployed. Due to the presence of geomorphic factors, the number of auctionable lands will be less than the total number of lands themselves.

The codes of the continents are defined by 2 methods, one of which is coded in the order of geographical location, from north to south, from west to east, and is numbered 1-26. Another method of coding is to use the English alphabet from A-Z in accordance with the time sequence of the opening of the continent.

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