🚩Apostle AFK

AFKWarriors of the land, assemble!

There is another magical world beneath the surface of Evolution Land. In this world, there are creatures with fangs and claws that are nourished by the elements.

Adventurers could build a team of 4 apostles as a squad to explore the dungeon. In order to be able to go deep underground, the apostles need enough COO to ensure safety. EVE provides COO to support each team according to the total ATK of the apostle team.

The first phase of the PVE function launched the apostle pledge to obtain COO, COO will be used as a ticket for subsequent exploring.

The numerical attributes of the Apostle Squad will depend on the talents of each member. There are 5 factors: ATK/ HP / DEF / CRIT / Element Level. Each value is determined by multiple talents of the apostle

Due to the large differences in the attributes of the apostles, different apostle squads will have their own characteristics. Subsequent career and equipment systems will allow each apostle squad to perform in its best way!

There will also be Rogue-like elements during the expedition. After each defeat of the monster, the Apostle Squad will be able to choose one enhancement to improve certain abilities of the Squad! At that time, come and build your own build to make the adventure more interesting!

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