In Evolution Land, RING is used as currency to pay for service fees, trading taxes. Likewise, trading various resources, lands, buildings, and props will also use the RING as the accounting unit. Game revenue sharing is also distributed in RING. In short, the RING is the money; players use it to pay for services and taxes, buy goods, and receive payroll.

Background of RING

RING is the native token of the Darwinia Network. Evolution Land, as the flagship dApp, is using RING as an in-game currency. RING resides in various blockchain networks in different token specifications. On Ethereum, RING follows ERC20 spec, on TRON, RING follows TRX20 spec, and on Darwinia Network, RING stays as a native token. The initial supply of RING is 2 billion (all RING on various blockchain network sum up). Due to the Darwinia Network's nature being a cross-chain bridge hub chain, RING and other tokens can move between blockchains in a decentralized fashion. Check out this doc for more information about RING on Darwinia Network's documentation site.

RING is inflated at a rate of around 5% by the Darwinia Network to pay validators and nominators for validating and producing blocks. RING has a hard cap of 10 billion to be reached in 50 years at the current rate.

Ethereum (the Atlantis Continent)

  • Spec: ERC20

  • Precision: 18

  • Smart Contract Address (Ethereum): 0x9469d013805bffb7d3debe5e7839237e535ec483

Tron (the Byzantine Continent)

  • Spec: TRC20

  • Precision: 18

  • Smart Contract Address (Tron): TL175uyihLqQD656aFx3uhHYe1tyGkmXaW

Darwinia Mainnet

  • Spec: Native

  • Precision: 9

  • Smart Contract Address: n/a

Heco (the Dawning Continent)

  • Spec: HRC20

  • Precision: 18

  • Smart Contract Address(Heco): 0x15e65456310ecb216B51EfBd8a1dBf753353DcF9

Polygon (the Eden Continent)

  • Spec: ERC20

  • Precision: 18

  • Smart Contract Address(Polygon): 0x9C1C23E60B72Bc88a043bf64aFdb16A02540Ae8f

Crab (the Columbus Continent)

  • Spec: ERC20

  • Precision: 9

  • Smart Contract Address(Polygon): 0x7399Ea6C9d35124d893B8d9808930e9d3F211501


IS RING on different continents universal?

Yes, RING on various blockchain networks is of the same value. They are all backed by native token on Darwinia Network. Using Darwinia Network's decentralized bridge (Cryptocurrency Backing Model), native RING can go over the bridge to other blockchain networks and back. Due to the progressive release of the bridges between blockchains, the current landscape is as following:

  • Ethereum -> Darwinia Network Bridge: Open

  • Darwinia Network -> Ethereum Bridge: Soon

  • Ethereum <-> Tron Bi-directional Bridge: Open (PoA model)

How to buy/sell RING?

You can buy or sell RING through these channels:

  • In-game Grintgott Bank

  • Decentralized Exchange

  • Centralized Exchange

Continents have different means to buy/sell RING:

What is the unclaimed RING?

In "My Assets," you can find "Unclaimed XXX." The RING here represents the reward you are entitled to, yet you haven't claimed. The XXX may be KTON dividend, RING/Treasure Chest airdrops, bonuses, etc., which can be viewed in the "Channel Records."

Click "Claim" to issue a transaction to claim your RING or other rewards to your wallet.

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