Evolution Land is logically divided into 26 continents, each of which is deployed on a different blockchain. Each continent will have around 2025 lands. Total resource reserves are determined randomly when a continent is created and will not change afterward.

Continents will evolve into a separate but related economic entity, somewhat like countries. In-game currency tokens, resources, and props shall be moved between continents as inter-continent trade, although the continent governance council may charge inter-continent trade tariffs. This inter-continent transaction is technically cross-chain transactions. Evolution Land will rely on Darwinia Network's Heterogeneous Cross Chain bridges to accomplish this.

To access each continent, you will need a proper toolset, such as wallets supporting the continent's underlying blockchain environment.

The continents will be launched one by one. Four continents exist today, they are:

New continents are being planned. These are the candidate blockchains that we are evaluating according to their user base, dapp prosperity, smart contract compatibility, and gas fee.

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Darwinia Crab Network

  • Darwinia Network

  • Polygon

  • Solana

  • Avalanche

If you have an excellent public blockchain you think suitable to host another continent, let us know.

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