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What is Apostle

The Apostle is an essential game character in Evolution Land, and they act as the player's agent to perform various tasks.

Its genetic code determines every Apostle's appearance. Each gene fragment is responsible for a different trait of an Apostle, and together they combine to make each unique Apostle. Between the many categories, there are billions of possible combinations.

Their genome decides its capabilities and productivities for each type of job or occupation.

When the land is sold, do the Apostles still on the land be sold together?

The Land sale does not include the Apostles working on it.

If you are the Land seller, you still can manage those Apostles to make them stop working and come back. But you can't deploy them on the Land (has a new owner now) again. The Apostles mined resource will go to the new land owner.

If you are the Land buyer, those Apostles will keep mining. The resource earned go to your wallet.

Is each Apostle unique?

Yes, each Apostle has an appearance and talents determined by unique genes.

What does the first and second generation apostle mean?

The original Apostle is generated by the system, which is also called the 0 generation. The descendants of them are the first generation, and so on. Two Apostles of different generations may have children. For example, the first generation and the fourth generation can breed the fifth generation.

What would happen if Apostles give birth to a baby?

A male and female apostle (proximity of blood excluded) from the same race can breed healthy offspring, whose genes will be determined by the parents’ genes with genetic algorithms, which can inherit, cross and mutate the genes of their parents. There may be an advanced genetic variation to make the recessive genes of the parents become dominant, therefore giving birth to a rare apostle.

How to work/mine?

Go to your Apostle's detail page, click on the "work" button, then select the Land you want it to work on. Choose the resource you want your Apostle to mine. That's done.

How to rend an Apostle?

The Apostles can mine on their own lands, or they can work on other player's lands. Players need to list their Apostles on job market, setting work period (at least 7 days) and daily wages (in RING). Other player can decide whether to hire the Apostle based on the Apostle's talent and wages. Once employed, the Apostle will receive RINGs while the employer will get the mineral resources.

How to distinguish the Apostle between the good ones from the bad ones?

In general, every Apostle is useful and suitable for something. Apostles have many gameplays that depend on their genes. Some Apostles look, some genes are rare, some Apostles are bad at mining but good at fighting. We do not intend to publish the algorithm relating the genes and the work efficiency. That will take away the fun. We hope you will play and explore these mysteries.

How does the Apostle fight?

Competitive games such as PvE, PvP, siege, group warfare and national war require the participation of apostle. This part of the game is under development.

Can I send an Apostle to my friend?

Yes, you can. Visit your Apostle's page and use "Gift" button to send to your friend's address.

Can I tame a CryptoKitty on the Byzantine Continent?

Unfortunately, you can't do that. CryptoKitty is an external NFT only on the Ethereum network, which is our Atlantis Continent. You can tame and bind a CryptoKitty to your Apostles on the Atlantis Continent, not on Byzantine Continent yet.

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