Apostles have gene-decided talent attributes, as shown in the image below. These talents decide how efficiently the Apostle can perform a task, that is, the base productivity. For example, when mining, Strength (the higher, the better) and Intelligence (the lower, the better) affect the base productivity much more than other talents. Various work or tasks requires different talent sets.

Regular Talent Gene:

  • Strength

  • Agility

  • Dexterity

  • Health

  • Intelligence

  • Charm

  • Luck

Special Talent Gene;

  • Life: Life span length

  • Mood: Similar to character, affects the variance of output

  • Potential: Decides the ceiling of each talent

  • Resource Specialty: One or many specialties, extra points when resources are involved


Apostle can choose one occupation for free. He will have extra occupational productivity addition when performing this work, compared to occupation-neutral Apostles. When switching careers, a tuition fee must be paid for professional training. Each occupation will need a different talent set to determine base productivity. If an Apostle is terrible at this, he/she might be good at some other work. Then choose that occupation as his/her profession is a smart move.

Occupation List to be supported soon:

  • Miner

  • Builder

  • Doctor

  • Blacksmith

  • Warrior

This list is actually very long. We will add them when possible. Occupation gameplay is not enabled yet.


Productivity refers to how efficiently an Apostle performs some work. It's an aggregated value coming from:

  • Base Productivity: decided by Apostle's talents

  • Occupation: Occupational addition

  • Pet: If a Pet is bound with the Apostle

  • Equipment: Tool/Equipment will give extra productivity power

  • Proficiency: not enabled yet

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