Game designer

As a member of evolution land, you will build a "Utopia" of blockchain world with a group of partners full of ideas and creativity in a free and open environment.

As a mature and continuously operating metauniverse Gamefi, it integrates combat, management, construction, and governance in its playing methods, and is also constantly evolving. The subsequent evolution of evolution land needs your help. You will understand each network of the blockchain and each application on each network, and use each application as a building block to enrich evolution land, making it an excellent and interesting metaverse rather than a McDonald's Gamefi.

The position is full-time and supports remote. As long as you are good enough, we can fight side by side all over the world.

What will we offer:

  • Free and open working environment, we welcome the collision and spark of thinking

  • Access to the latest and cutting-edge technologies and products

Your daily work will involve:

Be responsible for the planning and specific design of values, delivery, output, and consumption in all systems and playing methods, including but not limited to growth system, economic system, combat balance, combat experience, commercialization, etc Be responsible for the global numerical model of the game and maintain the research, balance, expansibility, and adjustability of the numerical model framework Build the numerical modeling of the whole game and each module to ensure that all modeling purposes and requirements are clear, readable, easy to use and adjust, and carry out clear and understandable design description and description in conjunction with Word, Excel, PPT, and other documents Participate in the commercial operation cycle of the project Explore more possibilities for the integration of blockchain technology and games

Our ideal Mr. Right:

UTC+8 around timezone, and could speak Chinese Bachelor degree or above

More than 2 years of numerical / combat planning experience

Understand the numerical design and methods of mainstream mobile games, skillfully carry out the numerical disassembly of at least one game, and be able to plan and design open economic system

Sensitive to numerical values, pay attention to data mining, skillfully use various mathematical formulas to construct numerical development curves and models that meet the needs, and have strong mathematical calculus ability

Careful, patient, and rigorous, pay attention to the combination of system and playing method for exquisite numerical experience Love games, and have a good sense of teamwork and responsibility

Good analytical and problem-solving skills and communication and cooperation skills

Passionate about blockchain technology and eager to continuously learn and improve skills

Strong work initiative, able to complete work independently, and work closely with a fast-growing team

Bonus: good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills

Bonus: experience in the blockchain industry

Bonus: experience in the numerical design of simulated business games

Bonus: major in finance and mathematics is preferred

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