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What is RING?

In Evolution Land, RING is used as currency to pay for service fees, trading taxes. Likewise, trading various resources, lands, buildings, and props will also use the RING as the accounting unit. Game revenue sharing is also distributed in RING. In short, the RING is the money; players use it to pay for services and taxes, buy goods, and receive payroll.


What is Resource?

In Evolution Land, Resources are used as the most important functional token. Till now, it could be used to 1. Enhance the apostles' mining efficiency. 2. Upgrade props. 3. Earn rewards in Farm. It could be widely used in Crafting and combat systems.


What is KTON?

In Evolution Land, KTON is used as a governance token. Players can voluntarily lock their KTON into a governance contract (minimum 14 days lock time) to receive voting power. These voting power can vote for governance proposals within the continent to affect the evolution of the game. In return, these "governor" players will have the right to receive game revenue dividends (30% of all revenue), proportionally to their stake percentage of all locked KTONs.

In the game, some high-value Lands, high-rank buildings, and props are priced in KTON.


What are resource?

There are five primary resources on Evolution Land: GOLD, WOOD, HHO, FIRE, and SIOO. These resources are deep under the Lands. Each Land has random resource reservers that decay at a rate of 1/10,000 daily as time goes by.

The five primary resources are the fundamental elements for building complex substance in Evolution Land. Buildings, Equipment, and other props will require resources or sometimes resource LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens to make or mint.


What is COO?

COO is a highly-available resource like the oxygen we breathe. In the Evolution Land context, the Apostle (the player's in-game representative) needs some COO to survive on the planet. Users can get the resource through some simple operations such as login into the game frequently. Many of the game's primary activities require only some COO, mainly for some players looking for fun or for those who come around to experience the game.


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