How to tame a pet

Tame a CryptoKitty as your Apostle's Pet
This guide covers the v1 UI interface. In v2 (latest) UI interface, the guide should work too with a slight change.
Below are simple screenshots of how to using the "Pet" system.
Pet Menu
Select "My Pets" from the menu to access
Select a CryptoKitty
Select Pet Source and Kitty. Only kitties owned by the player's signed-in address will be shown. Click on the kitty to tame.
Choose the Apostle to bind with
Select an Apostle Master to bound the selected Kitty.
Tx waiting
Waiting for the transaction to be confirmed
Tx confirmed
Kitty Tamed! Kitty's status is updated.
They are together now
Apostle with Pet in list view.
Apostle's View
Apostle with Pet in detail view.
Mining Enhanced
Mining Ability Enhanced. Apostle with a pet has better minging output than without.