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I can't find tokens in Metamask

Wallets such as Metamask or others might not include Evolution Land tokens in their default token list. You may need to add/register the custom tokens so that the wallet will be able to show them in the balance.

The information they need:

  • The Atlantis Continent (Ethereum)

  • The Byzantine Continent (Tron)

I lost access to my wallet, can you recover my assets?

Unfortunately, we can't. This is not because our policy doesn't allow us. It's because smart contracts on the blockchain secure all the assets. Your private key is the only thing to unlock and use your assets. We have no power to edit or reallocate assets owned by users.

Why each operation costs so much?

Each operation is a transaction on-chain. You need to pay the gas fee for them to be processed by the miners. Sometimes when the blockchain network is busy, many transactions are in the queue. Miners will prioritize these pending transactions by the gas price users set. If you set the gas price low, your transaction costs less but will wait longer. If you set the gas price high, your transaction costs more but gets processed soon.

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