Gift For Adventurer

In the early age of a new continent launched, the liquidity of resources is not abundant. So every adventurer who contributes to the liquidity pool will receive gifts from EVE.


Only when resources tokens and other token are both added to the liquidity pool, the mined resources could be traded on the market. We usually choose the head DEX on each continent(chain). Like Uniswap on Ethereum and MDex on Heco.

LP Token

In general, users who contribute liquidity in DEX will receive LP Token as the certificate. LP Token could be used to take their tokens back in DEX(the amount will be affected by the current state of the liquidity pool).

Adventurer, if you want to provide liquidity in Evolution Land, you could also do this in Gringotts - Liquidity. It directly uses API from Uniswap and Mdex.

After choosing the liquidity category you want to provide and input the amount, the boss of Gringotts will calculate the exact number of LP Token you will receive. You could release the LP Token here as well.

LP Token could be used to upgrade drills in Furnance or mining in Farm.


Yield Farming

Players who provide liquidity for Evolution Land will be rewarded because it brings them some risks. Like other Defi app, you should generate LP Token and stake them in Farm. APR will show on the windows.

Stake: Stake LP Token in Farm to earn profit.

Harvest: Get RING profit into your wallet.

Unstake: Take LP Token back from Farm contract, stop to earn profit.

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