Ways to Play

There are as many ways to play Evolution Land as you can imagine, and it's still growing. Here are some typical player types we put together that might give you some ideas.

The Landlord

The landlord owns at least one land with random resource reserves. He deploys his Apostles or hires other miner Apostles to mine resources from the ground for him. He pays RING compensation to compensate the miners according to working hours. Resources are essential for building construction, Furnace, and more.

The Miner

Player breeds or purchases to get perfect miners that have greater mining productivity. Apostles have ten working properties, good at various activities. Mining is one of those.

The Apostle Collector

The collector loves every Apostle, no matter how weird, ugly, or scary they might look. Their genes determine the Apostles' physical appearance and talents that their parents might inherit and mutate.

The Breeder

The Breeder is a brilliant geneticist. They study their Apostle' genomes and experiment with different breeding pairings to create the most unique, rare, and, of course, capable Apostles.

The Trader

The Trader has mastered the marketplace. They constantly buy and sell the most in-demand Lands, Apostles, Resources, or any other tradable items, always making offers, closing deals, and snatching up the most prized felines on the marketplace.

The DeFiner

The DeFiner comes from the DeFi world. They understand how to provide liquidity to game tokens; in return, they are rewarded for their efforts.

The Blacksmith

Blacksmith loves crafting and forging. They enchant Drills and other primary elements (according to Formula) to mint new powerful equipment to boost working power.

The Governor

The Governor is interested in politics and active in voting for proposals about game parameters, such as tax rates, formula addition, and many other issues. The Governor obtains his voting power by either staking KTON token or owning Lands on the continent.

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