🥷Apostle Arena

1. Game Overview

Apostle Arena is a 1v1 turn-based game. Each round, players can choose a [Stance] to face the opponent, and the [Stance] has a mutual restraint relationship like rock-paper-scissors. When one of the player’s HP drops below zero, the game is over.

Not only NFTs from Evolution Land can participate, but all ERC-721 assets can participate in the gameplay through governance.

2. Stance introduction

There are 4 basic stances in the game, namely charge, focus attack, attack, and parry.

The restraint relationship between them is that the focus attack restrains the attack, the attack restrains the parry, and the parry restrains the focus attack.

If you choose the stance that restrains your opponent, his stance would be invalid.

For example, if you choose focus attack and the opponent chooses attack, the opponent's attack will not deal damage to you, and you will deal the full damage of the focus attack to the opponent.

Stance introduction

Charge: Add one energy to yourself.

Focus Attack: Consume the number of energy to make one attack with 2.5 times (one-time charge)/4 times (two-time charge) ATK. It could trigger a critical hit.

Attack: Perform an attack, which will trigger a critical hit.

Parry: Repel the opponent's focus attack, take no damage to yourself, and fully reflect the damage to the opponent.

Standby: When you disconnect or forget to select your own stance, it will be judged as the standby stance by default, and you will not do anything this round.

Special Mechanism

About the Parry:

  1. Parry stance cannot be used for two consecutive rounds.

About energy:

  1. Two consecutive successful attack will add one energy.

  2. The energy will be reset to zero after performing any other stance than charge.

  3. The maximum number of energy is 2. Continuing to charge when there are already 2 energy will not increase the number of energy, but the charge status can be maintained.

  4. After reaching 2 energy, you can perform charge for 2 consecutive rounds at most, otherwise, you can only choose focus attack in the next round.

  5. The energy will also be cleared after receiving damage from the focus attack.

About attack:

  1. If both sides perform attack at the same time, both sides will receive 50% damage from the opponent's attack.

  2. If both sides perform a focus attack at the same time, no matter how many energy each side is in, they will receive 50% damage from the opponent's attack.

About skills:

Each profession will have three skills. You can choose one skill to bring into the game on the main page. These skills have powerful effects, but at the same time, they will have a long CD and may have some side effects. These will be released in the subsequent version.

3. Game mode

The PVP gameplay has two modes: Casual and Rank. No matter which mode is played, the COO will be used as the power.

Casual Mode: In casual mode, users will not change their rank, and will not change their status on rank list.

Rank mode: Users need to purchase a season pass and pledge it (it can be retrieved after the season ends, and the pass will be attached with rank information related to this season) to participate in the ranking mode, and participating in the rank mode competition can be win rewards.

4. Season Rewards

Each season will last for 3 months. There will be three kinds of season rewards:

  1. 70% of the season pass sales revenue will form a prize pool, which will be distributed to each player according to the ranking. The calculation formula is as follows:

2. Top-ranked users will receive special honorary NFT rewards

3. Each user will record the rank information of this season on the pass after getting back the pass. The pass of each season is unique, and it will have important commemorative significance.

5. Participation

At the beginning of the PVP launch, Apostle Arena will cooperate with some well-known NFT/Gamefi projects as initial members to participate in the PVP gameplay.

In the future, other NFTs can be introduced into the PVP gameplay by Evolution Land's governance system.

NFTs will have similar initial properties, with slight differences depending on their rarity.


Q: how do we determine y in the formula?

A: y is 10 now, and could be decied by DAO.

Q: what’s the average cost for the player to go in with the pass?

A: 20USDT for the pass if you have already holding an NFT

Q: what’s the assumed top-10 avg prize size?

if there are 100 people, top 10 prizes(USDT):

1st 140

2nd 126

3rd 113.4

4th 102.06

5th 91.85

6th 82.66

7th 74.40

8th 66.96

9th 60.26

10th 54.23

Q: what’s the assumed median prize size as per your estimated leaderboard?

If there are 100 players, the median prize size would be 0.8 USDT

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