Apostles can breed. Parents combine their genes and pass along to their children with mutations that affect their physical appearances and talents. The population is increased through this way.

Biological Parents

Breeding requires two Apostles to work together. We support the regular way of breeding at the moment, but we may experiment with some radical scenarios.


  • Male + Female = Success

  • Male + Male = Fail

  • Female + Female = Fail

We are thinking about allowing MM or FF breeding in the future. It will unlock a hidden trait with a "Rainbow Tatoo" on the body. But this breeding will cost higher (a special surgical procedure required), and the rate of death is high.


On the Atlantis continent, all Apostles are human alike, while on the Byzantine continent, they look like an alien. They belong to two different species. Inter-species mating is not allowed.

Close Relatives

This is a big NO. Brothers and sisters, immediate family members, can not breed.

Cool Down Time

Every Apostle knows that making babies is hard work. As a result, your Apostle needs time to rest after it breeds. This is called the cooldown. The more kids an Apostle has, the longer it needs to rest between breedings.

An Apostle is born with a cooldown speed determined solely by the Apostle's generation number; genetics have nothing to do with it. The lower the Apostle's generation, the faster its initial cooldown. Every time the Apostle breeds, its cooldown period lasts longer.

To sum up:

  • Cooldown is not based on traits. It’s based solely on an Apostle's generation.

  • Lower generation Apostles are always born with faster cooldown speeds.

  • Every time an Apostle breeds, its cooldown period increases.

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